Hi, I maked this!

And I want to show you how to make this too. I believe that even the most unfamiliar flavors can be fun and relatable for anyone willing to learn.

This site is about cutting to the chase. Stay tuned as I organize my findings into digestible tips and tricks that might motivate you to taste something new. :-)

I Maked Thxgiving

These recipes simplify, yet deliver a decadent take on your go-to Thanksgiving classics.

Thxgiving Fried Chicken

You won’t miss the turkey while you’re eating crispy hot n’ spicy chicken.

Scallion Croissant Stuffing

It’s true, simple stuffing > fancy add on stuffing.

Pumpkin Cookie Butter Cheesecake

Pomegranate studded chocolate ganache + cookie butter + biscoff crust.

Thxgiving Mac & Cheese

This recipe gives you a silky smooth cheese sauce and crispy fried onion topping. Happy Thxgivin!

Recent Recipes

Even Chewier Chocolate Chip Cookies

My favorite chocolate chip cookie recipes had a baby & it involves miso.

Creamy Curry Ramen

It’s complex. It’s easy. It’s creamy. It’s my take on tantanmen ramen.

Golden Kalanji Biscuits

You didn't know you wanted kalanji (nigella seeds) in your biscuits, did you?

Tell me if you maked this!

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