Hi, I'm Mehreen but people tend to call me Reenie, as per my Instagram.

I'm a writer, recipe developer, and global women's politics nerd. Most importantly, I make people happy when I make them food. I also make myself happy when I learn new ways to eat and make food. Shout out to my stellar mother, who taught me to care about what everyone eats and why they eat it. 

You can find my daily cooking and baking learnings on Instagram. I also sometimes give away my experiments and baked goods! If you’re in the Brooklyn area, definitely keep an eye out for my stories. 

My cooking has been featured in Bon Appétit where I introduce the dish with an explainer on how colonization led to the global dissemination of rotis. And a glance at my food education philosophy is in this Washington Post article, featuring South-Asian home cooks in the age of quarantine cooking.

Want to chat? I do! Send me an email at mehreenie@gmail.com